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Kangxi Fuckin - Rattle

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Yoho Yoho, what is up my friends? Hope Ya'll Doing Alright
and, Here You Go My Good Sir, Your Monthly Doses of Kangxi, The Main Dish
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This time i tried to add a little bit more variation to the sex animation and also try to use the cum dripping effect more
being honest, i need more try and error for the cum drips, hopefully i can get it looks good soon enough, we'll see, i'll try my best
adding a little more things to the animation actually quite fun tho, it takes more time, efford, and try and error, and can be stressfull, but it is fun
i might try to do this more, adding a little bit more something to the motion, this time it's just speeding up or make the motion bigger, but maybe i can do a bit more in future project
Model edited by - Capt Kyosuke (
and exstercy - (
Animation by - ME
Find Me on Twitter - @RinErena
welp, that was all for now
i hope you can enjoy this one
stay save guys