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Kangxi FuckinDancin - BBC

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Hello There Guys, what is up? I Hope Ya'll Doing Alright
as per usuall, here is your kangxi monthly doses, the main dish
this was a challange to make, cuz basiclly i need to actually learn how to make animation, not just the usuall sex loops, but also some in between motion
well, i called it learning, but it just the usuall try and error, me trying to figure it out by myself
i really hope you like this one, please tell me what you think about it
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well that was a LOT of animation to make, yes i'm talking about that cowgirl scene, the alone cost me 10 days to animate
it was weird when i finished animating that scene and about to make the next one, for a sec i forgot where do i save the wav file for the music, cuz last time i load it to mmd is 10 days before that, ahahahahaha ٩(˘◡˘)۶
i try my best to make it looks smooth and good, it definitely was a challange, so much animation, details, re do, so much re do, and so much dick frame by frame animating, damn it was a journey
and also beside the animating part, the hard part to make this is brainstorming part, looking for the ideam building the scene
cuz, in the end of the day, i need to bow in the front of the music, i need to make the sex scene somewhat works with the flow of the music
so figuring out what i want to do, what to make, what kind of motion and at what timing, it takes a lot more time and efford
and also making sure that the plan is ambitious enough, not too much, not too little, just ambitious anough to make sure that i can reach it in time and with a good result too
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welp, that was all for now
i hope you can enjoy this one
stay save guys