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Miniskirt Marin Kitagawa Dance Koikatsu

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Hi guys, since when i was working in my last Kangxi i began to be interested in Koikatsu(KK) because you can create almost any anime style character on it so i just wanted to give it a try, i know there are ways to export KK models to MMD format, so that is my last goal, that way i can have "limitless" characters to use in my videos but we will see. The software is interesting but i feel that for now it has more limitations that MMD, i could be wrong because im not an expert with it, but it is my first impression.About the video, sorry for the glitches on the hair, it seems that long hair physics are a pain in any software, hope you like this character, personally i love her. Next video will be a sex/dance video so stay tuned.DL: and 1080p resolution are ready on my Patreon page since 3 days ago. Oh and i made 3 extra versions of my last Kangxi video, first she is wearing a white dress(it was the second most voted by patreons) instead of the black one, the other is no wearing any clothes during the full video and the last on is same that original version but using a really nice spanish cover.The lyrics are nice, they make the video sexier if you understand them, you can check them here: : MiniskirtArtist: AOAModel/Card: P.JacksonDance motion : Natsumi San - : 000MMD Edited by me.Special mention to GFS MMD who gave me his GPU, thanks to him my workflow for Blender videos has improved a lot. He makes cool videos too, i let you his channel: you want to help me to create more content you can do it here, any help is appreciated, you will find better quality too:​You can find more content here:Discord: Twitter: