※ スマホで動画が重い方は、リンク先の「ダウンロード」から「360p」を選択すると少し軽くなる可能性があります。

【kangxi MMD R18】sex exercise エッッックササイズ

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The video is finally complete. It took about two months, but I think it turned out well.
I deleted 400 frames by mistake during creation, but I didn't give up.
While making this video, I learned how to change the color of the kangxi model's outfit.
I also made two videos for the general public. check out my youtube channel.
I'm already working on some videos. I have a lot of ideas, but creating a video takes time.
Kangxi Yin-Yang v1.5 Submitted by Nyexxi
I started a patreon.Please support us if you don't mind.
It's not always possible to make videos every month, but I would be happy if you could support me.
You can download high quality videos.
patreon :
youtube :
upload with mega,I only have 15GB of storage. I'm sure it will be full soon.
I'm at a loss as to how to publish the video.Please tell me your opinion.
Encoding 4k video makes my PC burn.Not enough performance.