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No.19【Water element】AOA - Bing Bing 旅行者 这么多水受得住吗?❤【夜兰&芭芭拉&妮露】

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Watch before you watch *Thank you very much to the friends of the Internet can insist on watching my useless worksDue to my personal reasons, I am very busy at work and manage many contributing platformsThere has been no extranet resource supplementI will slowly replenish the resources I have left behindHd video is usually given away for free in the form of a Mega discOf course, if you like my work, you also want to give the author a certain financial subsidyPlease come to the site sponsor me: (我的赞助平台)谢谢你的观看!Thanks for watching!Music:AOA - Bing BingImage:夜兰&芭芭拉&妮露【原神】\nMotion:puchy puryCamera:000Model:虚子\nCLothes:虚子/earthship地球船/Incubus/jo99stage:KoikatuSunshine charastudio map/DEBUSoftware:KoikatuSunshine charastudio/PR/VideoExport/MMD Director/PostProcessingEffects/SimpleBokeh Button/RuntimeUnityEditorVideo production:DFmega盘&度盘:\n度盘:\n提取码:yyds\n解压码:qiongyuIf you want to see the other differential versions, you can find them in the sponsored stalls如果你想看其他的差分版,可在赞助档位中找到There will be delays depending on the update time*根据更新时间会有延迟That\'s terrible three platforms blocked in six monthsThere are 400 patrons on patreon who have not yet contributed money and the numbers are not availableOnly the automatic response of the robotThe worst case scenario is data loss using this backup accountMy biggest fear is that it\'s going to eat up the sponsor\'s money.\nWhat I suspect is that I used my account to sponsor an author who made a paypal paymentI used it only once and my old credit card was canceledThe buyer and seller are on the same accountI shut them all down and that\'s my faultNew things are also being researched so please hold your peace including previous sponsors and I will post an explanation in the above feedIt\'s been a long time since we\'ve done multiple dances and in response to the Night Orchid that everyone wants to see, I\'ve changed my hairstyle太惨了 半年被封了三个平台\npatreon上还有400个赞助者 赞助资金没提出来 数据没法查看\n官方申诉依旧没有人工回复 只有机器人的自动回复\n最坏的情况就是数据丢失 使用这个备份账号\n我最担心的是赞助者的钱被它吞了 只能积极沟通了(单方面)\n我怀疑的是我用账号赞助了某个作者用了贝宝付款\n只用了这一次就被封了以前用的信用卡\n账号上买家和卖家账号是一起的\n被封就都封了 这也是我自己失误\n新的东西也在研究请大家稍安勿躁 包括之前赞助的人我会在上述的动态贴给一个交代很久没做多人舞了 也算是回应大家想看的夜兰 顺便改了个其他发型\n嗯 还是谢谢你们支持让我一直有热情坚持下去The account has been appealed back. Thank you very much\n账号已申诉回来,非常感谢