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No.9【Girl band少女組】\'EXID - Up & Down\' 喜歡在上面還是下面呢?❤️【Mixed editing 混剪】【Repair version 修復版本】

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Modified the skin texture, which took a lot of time and made everyone wait for a long time\n修改了皮膚紋理,這消耗了很多時間,讓大家久等了不好意思I am MapleHutCat, the author of the same style as the DF author. I am the author of simple dance as the main video production content, and I will add some adult content appropriately. The mixed editing is to show different clothes, not to show off skills. 我是和DF作者風格相同的作者MapleHutCat,我是以單純舞蹈為主要視頻製作內容的作者,會適當加入一些成人內容,混合剪輯是為了展示不同的衣服並不是為了炫技,我的剪輯技術不好,但是我會努力做好每一個我能力最大限度的視頻,歡迎您的寶貴意見,Although I don\'t necessarily reply, I will see every suggestion, thank you for your support 雖然我不一定回复,但是我會看到每一個建議,謝謝您的支持What if I reduced the difference between people\'s different clothes in the video and added different kinds of song videos?\n如果我在視頻中減少人物不同衣服的區別,增加不同歌曲視頻種類如何?I want to keep the pattern 我希望保持原來的模式131 votes52%I think it\'s better to have more videos of different dances and less videos of different characters\' clothes 我覺得多增加不同舞蹈的視頻,減少不同角色衣服的視頻更好115 votes46%Other Suggestions (please leave a message) 其他建議(請留言)5 votes2%Created by MapleHutCat4 days ago251 votesMusic:EXID - Up & DownImage:芭芭拉&神裡綾華&雲堇&霄宮&熒【原神】\nMotion:000Camera:000Model:虛子\nCLothes:虚子/天星952/TJuan/地球船/餓肚子的挪威貓\nstage:Koikatu Studio scene/DebuSoftware:Koikatu charastudio/PR/VideoExport/MMD Director/PostProcessingEffects/SimpleBokeh Button/RuntimeUnityEditor/Magic Bullet SuiteVideo production:MapleHutCatPublic video download address公開版網盤下載: you like my work and want to see more of it, you can sponsor me and get access to it at 如果你喜欢我的作品,想看更多,你可以赞助我,并访问: public version of the video is often released first, and the MEGA Drive will be updated later 视频的公开版本通常首先发布,而MEGA盤将在稍后更新Due to work and time difference, the author may not reply to your valuable comments on various platforms, but I will spare time to watch it, thank you 由于工作和时差的原因,作者可能无法在各平台回复大家的宝贵意见,但我会抽出时间去看,谢谢Although the editing is not good, I hope you don\'t mind, the recording material takes too much time. It took two days for the computer to record non-stop. In the future, the same dance videos of different clothes may be appropriately reduced, and the types of videos of other dances will be increased\n不知不覺做多人舞蹈已經剪輯半天時間過去了,雖然剪輯得不好,希望大家不要介意,錄製素材太需要時間,這個花了兩天讓電腦不停轉錄製,今後可能不同衣服的相同舞蹈視頻會適當減少,增加其他舞蹈的種類視頻,大概會在平台投票這個選擇Repeated checks did three versions, this is barely OK, let everyone wait too long\n反复檢查做了三種版本,這個勉強還行,讓大家等待太長了