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Kangxi Fuckin - Gambare Senpai

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Hello There My Good Sirs…!!! How Are Ya’ll Doing? I Hope Ya’ll Doing Just Fine :DAnd As Per Usuall, Here Is Your Monthly Kangxi Doses, The Main Dish of This MonthAnd as you can see, we got out favourite school whore back at it again XDShe’s diligently doing the club activities XD, although for some reason it always end up with gangbang sex party, weird huh?\nWell, I guess since its been approved, we gotta do the club activities right? XDBtw, can you give me the registration form please? I need to enter this club A S A P…..!!!!! XDThis club look like so much fun XDLike My Work? You Can Support Me On Patreon a Patreon and Get One Week Early Access to My Mmd Sex Video in 1080P and 4KPlease Consider To Support Me on Patreon If You Can, That Will Help Me To Make More MmdsYup, another school uniform, she’s looking really cute :D, I fucking love it XDAnd not to mention the song fit it so much, I don’t watch the anime myself, but Kangxi is looking really happy reasing her senpai there, I’ll do my best….!!!! YES……!!!! XDThe original music is only 2 minutes long but I manage to make it longer, well I just repeat the secong half, I hope it doesn’t feels too Repetitive for youMaking this video was a chalange tho, not that I do anything new, but because I change my plan midwayAt first I only plan to make it just one on one all the way, cuz the idea was Kangxi teasing her senpai, you know, cuz “gambare gambare senpai”\nBut then it feels not “enough”, I mean its written on the chalkboard there, we goota do the club activities right? So I do, after finishing 3 minutes of one on one parts, I make the last minute group part, but then, it still is feels not enough, this time the one on one part feels too long and the group part feels to short.\nSo I decided, to just throw away one minute of the one on one part, and makes the second group partIt was quite scarry, cuz again, I change the plan midway, that’s a lot of extra animation to make, not to mention, unplanned, I don’t even know if I can do it in timeWell, it was scary, but I did it, I manage to make it and also in time :DI hope it turns out goodI hope you guys can enjoy this club activities documentary, as much as Kangxi enjoys playing around with her senpais XDSong - Nagatoro Gambare Gambare Senpai Bemax RemixModel edits by - mmd zack R18Animation by - MeFind Me on Twitter - @RinErenawelp, that was all for nowi hope you can enjoy this onestay save guys