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Haku 虎視眈々 Koshitantan Sex Dance [R-18 MMD]

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Welcome to Haku Public Beach Sex concert, Another R-18 (R18, Mature, NSFM) MMD sex dance music video from me, of course interact with fans during concert are very important :)
I'm a noob with semen so I literally animated the semen (bukkake) frame by frame in mikumikudance... Many anal sex and pussy sex and BJ (Blow job) scenes, animated full nelson sex and many other position. I just love AHEGAO dance. I edited HK Haku skin and bikini texture, make vocaloid haku skin look more suitable in the beach / swimming pool.
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- Music used: 虎視眈々 / Koshitantan (Vocal 69Neko edited)
- Model used: and RyuS1v2 (RyuS1), Dead or alive male models DLED from LGMODS (deviantart), Len DLED from Jim944,
- Unimportant characters: Hong Meiling and Kaito DLED from Jim944, HK Gumi, HK Luka, Gym Guy, Ugly Guy, Crowd
- Stage used: MMD Locker Room and PL2 beach rip DLED from amiamy111 (DeviantArt), Download pool stage DLED from YamiSweet (DeviantArt)