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Kangxi FuckinDancin - Lip&Hip

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i've been thinking, i think from now on i'll keep my production phase low
by that i mean, i'll only make one video per month
that way, i have time to find, try, and learn new stuff, and do troubleshooting (i always miss a few things, i did put more time to fix the problems, but i'm pretty sure i still do miss a few details, and i'm sorry for that)
this time i tried a few new thing(as you can see) and i think it turns out good
what you think? is it worth the waiting?
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Model by - Shark100 ( )
Dance Motion by - DANDELION ESTUDIO ( )
Dance Camera by - NotDevault ( )
Huge Thanks To All of MyPatreons, you guys are the best, thank you so much for supporting me guys
I Love You
well, that was all, i hope you guys can enjoy this one
Stay save guys :)