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Kangxi FuckinDancin - WildFire

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hey there guys, what's up?
how's your NNN been?
for you who's doing No_Nut_November, i'm sorry
for you who's doing Nonstop_Nut_November, your welcome
its been quite a month for me, i met (online) with a lot of great people, and its been really amazing
perhaps you can tell, i do something a bit different with the sex animation, just findout about a new toy and maybe this could improve my animation? what you think? you like it? you don't like it? no different what so ever?
well, this is the first try, so maybe it'll take a few more try for me to can make the most out of it
to be honest i'm not sure how should i make the animation, like how can i make it looks good
i always open to critique, so feel free to comment your opinion
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well, that was all
i hope you can enjoy this one
stay save guys :)