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【罰ゲーム】【紳士ハンド】Prinz Eugen Penalty Challenge - 好き!雪!本気マジック

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When the camera can see green in the frame, a penalty happens!
In terms of sheer amount of time this took I’d say this is my most ambitious video yet. To put things into perspective, I started work on this back in October of 2017, and that was just how far back as my file modification dates tell me. The brainstorming phase probably took me a bit longer before then. The most difficult part of making this was the fact that I constantly had to fiddle with either the physics or the camera to make sure the camera would only see green when it’s supposed to. This required multiple renderings of the video to verify since the physics engine in MMD, even in trace mode, is very subject to inconsistencies.
There was also a large problem of writer’s block since all of this finnicking has a butterfly effect on parts later on. Whatever gimmick I implemented, I had to make sure it was what I wanted because there would be no way to undo it later on if I changed my mind. I must have rewritten my plan for the flow of events at least 3 times before settling on what I ended up making.
As you might tell by the colors, this was meant as a Christmas vid but I ended up severely underestimating how quickly I could get this out. Sorry ‘bout that. Valentines version might be nice. Maybe I’ll give some other differences in that version like removing the heart bubbles. Feedback on what else you want to see would be greatly appreciated.
I have a Twitter now, I guess:
Prinz Eugen - Cheerleader (クリアクロス + つみだんご)
Shinshi Hands (ニーソ)
Pom Poms (くろすけ)
Transparency Sphere Map (v31415927)
Frame (スパッツP)
Lotion Bottle (リリース)
Chastity Belt (ちょむP)
Small Vibrator (siroutodaiku)
Large Vibrator (siroutodaiku + ブレード)
デジタルトライアックス・カメラシステム風セット (カブッP)
Auditorium: Maddoktor2
Greenershader (下っ腹P)
Rising Bubbles (製作:そぼろ)
Self Lotion (ビームマンP)
Static Water (ビームマンP)
Mask Mirror (ビームマンP)
Motion by hino