※ スマホで動画が重い方は、リンク先の「ダウンロード」から「360p」を選択すると少し軽くなる可能性があります。

【MMD】【ス魔法 Magic Smartphone】 Miku LUVORATORRRRRY!【紳士ハンド】

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スマホ + 魔法 = 「ス魔法」
Sumaho (smartphone) + Mahou (magic) = Sumahou
My first MMD. I can’t even remember how long it took to animate all of this. Truth be told this was really meant to demonstrate a few effects I programmed. As you might notice I’m not a great animator since that’s not what I’m in college for. I am however in college to learn programming so I can do that.
This phone application has three unique modes:
1. Camera - Swipe the screen to rotate the camera around the model. Use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. Tap a body part to lock the camera on that part.
2. Touch - Touch a part of the model to transmit the sensation to that area. Drag a part of the model to move it around. Dragging will also lock the position of the object if the drag gesture was a short line. Tap locked objects to unlock them.
3. Portal - Create an interdimensional wormhole connecting the screen to the current position of the camera.
In any mode the home button functions as a reset button for the camera.
I intend to distribute the effects I made with a tutorial and explanation of how I did some of these effects at some point.
Models: Crime Type Miku (J&J Edit)
Vibrator (siroutodaiku)
紳士ハンド (細かすぎP)
Ryu (various)
micPhone6 (ログ太)
Stage: DTE SPiCa Stage (SEGA/ Rip by Dan1024)
Song: LUVORATORRRRRY! (ギガP, れをる feat. GUMI・鏡音リン)
Motion: (moca)
Effects: Multimonitor.x
I made modifications to some of these resources.